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Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

"Prince" by Holly Thompson

Royal Santa Royal Santa Royal Santa
"Royal Santa" by Holly Thompson

Holly's Santas

Holly's Santa Creations (first 4 pieces)
Created while attending Audrey Swarz's online sculpting class...

Wild Man Wild Man, by Holly Thompson
"Wild Man", by Holly Thompson

Jester Elf Last-minute Shopping Last-minute Shopping
"Last-minute Shopping", by Holly Thompson
This little elf is doing some last-minute shopping for Santa. He stands 11" tall, and wears a 5-color hat and pants. He has sculpted hands and boots (hands were made to hold on to the cart handle). He wears a lace belt, cuffs and collar. His basket is filled with toys (including some hand-made books).

Mardi Gras > Burgundy Santa
"Mardi Gras" and "Burgundy", by Holly Thompson

Star Santa > All Dressed Up

"Star Santa" and "All Dressed Up", by Holly Thompson

Bear Santa

"Bear Santa", by Holly Thompson


"Treasures", by Holly Thompson - Holly's First Santa Sculpture