Mardi Gras:
Holly Thompson

"Mardi Gras" is Holly's sixth Santa.

Santa is 27" tall. Face and hands were hand-sculpted using ProSculpt. Santa's hair and beard are mohair (each strand individually placed). He has blue-green glass eyes.

Santa's clothing is layered - green and purple velvet with black lace and black/green trim. Beneath, he wears a green gown with a ruffle at the bottom (so if you lift his purple gown, he appears to be fully-dressed beneath). He then has a purple "outer" gown with black lace and black trim at the bottom and at the wrists. He wears a green overlay (lined in purple) with the same black lace and trim. His cape is purple, lined in green (with some green turned to the outside like a "lapel"), with black lace at the bottom. Thin lace trim is used about an inch above the bottom of the cape (black trim is used on the inside and wraps around the green "lapel", and coordinating green trim is used on the outside (black on green, green on purple). Santa is wearing a purple glass cross on his overlay. His hat is purple, with a green band, black trim and black tassel.

Santa holds two glass ornaments in his left hand, and a zebra stick toy in his right. A wooden table with coordinated tablecloth (including green and black trim and glass ornament) holds a giraffe jack-in-the-box.

Created by Holly Thompson in January, 2003.


Santa's face, prior to attaching hair and beard

A little hair added...