Wild Man:
Holly Thompson

"Wild Man" was Holly's seventh Santa creation. Santa is 18" tall. Santa's face, body, gloves and shoes were created in Jack Johnston's Artdolls class. Santa wears a black velvet shirt (bodysuit), green velvet pants with black cuffs, and a green cape (lined in black) with lace trim. Some peacock feather patches were added to his cape. Santa has a green/black cummerbund. Santa's boots and gloves are sculpted and painted to look like leather.

Santa's hair and beard are mohair, and he has green glass eyes. He sits atop a hand-painted rocking zebra. Santa's hair is flying in the breeze, so he didn't want a hat! He really wanted to ride a Harley, but he settled for the zebra.

Created by Holly Thompson in February, 2003.

Wild Man...


Heads, legs/shoes (unpainted), gloves (painted off-white)
The head bone's connected to the... foot bone.

Footless, but starting to look like a Santa

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