Holly Thompson

"Burgundy" was Holly's fifth Santa creation. Burgundy is 32" tall. He wears burgundy velvet pants, an off-white dress shirt with antique lace trim (down the front and around the wrist cuffs) and burgundy buttons. The outfit is completed with a tapestry, velvet-lined vest (with gold clasps) and a double-sided burgundy velvet cape, trimmed in feathers. He wears a gold cross on a watch chain across his vest. The fringed leather boots were hand-made with soft black garment leather. Santa's velvet hat was pulled into "puckers" to add a little variety, and is topped off with a decorative tassel.

Santa's hair and beard were made from a Mongolian lamb scarf (which was painstakingly taken apart with a seam ripper, and then cut into strips to fit Santa's head). In one hand, he holds a burgundy bear and a beaded burgundy purse (with a tiny bear inside). In the other hand, Santa holds a burgundy beaded cross and a wonderful Christmas pin purchased from Austin's Pecan Square Emporium (Holly has been known to borrow this pin).

Created by Holly Thompson in 2002.

Santa's back... Close-up of Santa's face, antique lace on shirt, puckered hat and tassel... Burgundy and Treasures

Christmas pin... hand-made, fringed leather boots... Burgundy bear, beaded purse with small bear

Burgundy and Tally Ho-Ho-Ho


Santa's face, prior to attaching hair and beard

Armature, made with dowels, wire, and wood... Armature with batting...

Outfit in progress...