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Holly keeps HUNDREDS of pairs of soft-glass eyes in stock for her customers, and offers exceptional prices, immediate shipping, and a no-questions return/exchange policy (minus shipping)! Holly carries ONLY soft-glass eyes... none of the acrylic or plastic ones... Visit Holly's ebay store for your favorite colors and sizes!

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    Masterpiece Eye Company is the originator of the Soft "Glass" flexible doll eye. Masterpiece has a reputation for producing the most beautiful and realistic eyes for dolls, mannequins, special effects, and forensics. Masterpiece handmade eyes are used by many of the world's leading doll artists as well as those just starting out; in modern as well as antique reproduction dolls. Featured are many standard colors as well as custom variations; in a wide range of sizes. Because Masterpiece eyes are flexible, they will fit perfectly every time, even when beveling is inexact, poor or virtually non existent.

    View the Masterpiece Eyes web site for a complete listing!

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Masterpiece Eyes are handmade art products!
    Masterpiece eyes are hand-made, and as such, will vary from one pair to the next (as well as having slight variations between the eyes in a pair). The artists at Masterpiece aim for realism (as in real eyes), rather than perfection as seen in doll eyes. The variation is part of what makes Masterpiece Eyes so incredibly realistic.
    Masterpiece eyes can be baked at 275 degrees for fifteen minutes at a time. We recommend placing a drop of water on the lens right before placing them in the oven.
    What are they made from?:
    They are called Soft "Glass" because that is what they are. Silicone and glass are both made from silicate sand. One is soft and one is hard, but apart from that they are very similar chemically.
    Clay will not scratch or discolor the eyes. They are very durable.
    Measuring and Sizing:
    Measure your eye cavity from corner to corner using millimeters. Then just add two millimeters to your measurement. That is usually the size you would need to order. There is one important variable that you may want to consider. A young child's iris size is larger in relationship to the eye cavity than an adult. For a young child you may want to order the next size up.

    Most eye companies use even sizes for their eyes. The problem with this is that the eyes do not fit the eye cavity correctly; the angle of curvature is not like a human eye. This coupled with the fact that the glass and plastic eyes are hard leads to a very imprecise fit. With our eyes the iris is the same size as an even size eye, only the white part is larger, flatter and wider, like a human eye which leads to a much better fit. If a you ask for a 12mm you will receive a 13 mm in our eyes. For sizes 26 mm and above we go back to even sizes. The odd sizes fill the eye cavity much better, not leaving gaps around the corners of the eye.

    To help with sizing, I'm adding these recommendations from another site:
    4mm: 8-10 inch doll
    5/6mm: 12 inch doll
    7/8mm: 14 inch doll
    8/9mm: 16 inch doll
    10/11mm: 18-20 inch doll
    12/13mm: 20-24 inch doll
    14mm: 22-24 inch doll
    15mm: 24-26 inch doll
    16/17mm: 26-28 inch doll

    Masterpiece eyes are guaranteed not to fade or discolor. All of the plastic or acrylic eyes change color over a relatively short period of time. This is quite simply due to the fact that they are made of plastic. Plastic degrades and so far science has not found a way to stop this. As plastic degrades its chemical makeup changes. As this happens the plastic eyes change color. (We have all heard of the brown eyes turning purple.) Since our eyes are made of silicone they will not degrade and they will not change color.