Lynn Haney Santas

Christmas Express (1999)
Each Lynn Haney character begins with an overall design concept, followed by Lynn sculpting the original head (and, for some characters, the hands) in clay.

A mold is then made of the original sculpture and faithfully reproduced in a wood resin composition by the casting craftsmen under the artist's supervision. This ensures an exact replica of the original sculpture.

Trained and experienced studio painters give facial features the attention and craftsmanship expected by the designer. The head is then assembled with the doll frame to be readied for costuming. Seamstresses cut velvets, wools and brocades in the first step of costuming. Based on original costumes designed by the artist, European braids and trims are carefully sewn to give each piece its own distinctive personality. Whether the costumes are created in the studio of the artist or with the help of other craftsmen, each costume is hand-crafted.

Beards and wigs are made by hand from mohair, wools and other natural fibers and are expertly attached to each piece. Each piece takes on its own personality at this stage of recreating the original design.

Hats, cloaks and capes are added to complete the overall image of each character.

Toys, packages, baskets and other accessories are the final addition in the production of each character. Upon final inspection, each piece is signed by the artist.

Polar Express Countryside Journey
Polar Express (2000)... Countryside Journey (2002)

Fireside Friends Forest Friends

Fireside Friends (2001)... Forest Friends (2001)
Decking the Halls Decking the Halls Decking the Halls
Decking the Halls (2000)