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Carol McBride
Miniature Dolls
Sweets Sweets
"Sweets" is a 2-inch fairy who sits in the crook of an antique spoon. She was created of polymer clay, has handblown blue glass eyes and clay wings. She sits atop a cup/saucer filled with purple/pink flowers that coordinate nicely with her little dress!

Karen Morley

Vineyard Faery, by Karen Morley Pip, by Karen Morley
"Vineyard Faery" and "Pip", by Karen Morley
These fairies are full-body polymer clay sculpts. The natural color of the clay is left unpainted (but has been "blushed" in just the right places). Eyebrows, eyes, fingernails and tonails are painted in great detail. Wings are created from a translucent paper, with a flexible medium applied for strength and protection.

"Vineyard Faery" sits 4.5" tall (about 9.5" tall if standing). Hair is hand-dyed mohair, decorated with soft, metallic fibers. Clothing is torn chiffon and vintage velvet leaves and flower trims. She holds a velvet grape. Her headpiece is adorned with vintage flowers.

"Pip" sits 5" tall to the top of her head (about 11" tall if standing). Hair is hand-dyed mohair with two colors blended for a light strawberry-blonde "do". Clothing is delicate torn chiffon and vintage velvet leaves and flower trims. She wears a ribbon flower necklace with a crystal bead in the center. Two little braids in her hair are entwined with soft, metallic fibers and decorated on the ends with glass beads.

La Sculptress Studios
Linda Smith

Sleeping Faery Sleeping Faery
"Sweet Dreams Faery" by Linda Smith
Sweet Dreams is a one-of-a-kind original, sculpted of polymer clay without the use of any molds. She is 5" in length. Her wings are of painted tissue paper, and have been lightly sprinkled with faery dust to give them their shimmering glow. Delicately dressed in blue... she wears a small tiny top that allows her midrift to show. Accented on her left hip are small flowers. She even has tiny underwear too!

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Susan Snodgrass

Fairy, by Susan Snodgrass
Fairy by Susan Snodgrass
The 6-inch blonde fairy wears a blue dress and a tiara, and sits on gold quartz.

Ina Spicer (Courting the Muse)

Sugared Berries Castle Guardians Christmas in July

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Kim Thomas (Kim's Kringles)

Pixi Fairy AB Fairy

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Fairy Song
Loretta Weber

Bella Bella Bella
"Bella" by Loretta Weber
Bella is a one-of-a-kind polymer art doll (6.75" tall in kneeling position). Bella has hand curled blonde hair and hand-painted glass eyes. Her brows and lips are hand-painted. Bella's wings are white sheer fabric, tinted with touches of blue and pink, and decorated with pearlized beads. Bella looks into a 7" beveled mirror, with a hand-crafted frame decorated with ivy and flowers. She admires her wonderful bead collection!