Thompson Christmas, 2003

Thompson Christmas, 2003

Entry Hall - Santa on hobby horse by Mary Bauman, 6-foot Judith Klawitter Santa and bag,
Small tree with ONLY hand-made ornaments (beaded ornaments by a variety of artists, beautiful Swarovski crystal ornaments by Marsha Clark), antique-looking tree skirt and toys

Stairs decorated with silk English ivy and poinsettia swags
9-foot tree with burgundy fur skirt and lots of burgundy bears and pillows (cuddly tree)
Hen House penguin with lighted tree

Lighted Shadow Box by Audrey Swarz (with Santa and his time-keeping elf) surrounded by Santas by Michelle Treichler, Teri Embrey and Greg MacDonald

Judith Klawitter's Santa on Goat (wait - is this a ram? has horns, looks like a sheep)...
Klawitter Klawitter Klawitter

Bernard (life-sized elf by Audrey Swarz) helps with the decorations!

Living Room - Santa-clutter (the best kind of clutter)!

Dining Room - Audrey Swarz's life-sized Santa takes center stage in the Dining Room

A corner full of delights!
Audrey Swarz, Barbara Van Noy, Mark Dennis, Sunnie Andress, Michelle Jewell Treicher,Holly Thompson
Carvings on window sill by Greg MacDonald and Bill Evans
Rooster Santas by Michele O'Neil, Lynn Haney Santa (put into an Italian hand-painted sleigh (not part of the Haney piece, just put there by Holly, who tends to take liberty with things) - with his bear standing alongside

Crayon drawing done by Don Thompson (Holly's hubbie) over 50 years ago! Holly had this professionally mounted and framed - it is absolutely priceless! Next to the photo is a doll created by Lindy Evans.

Santas on roosters, by Michele O'Neil!

Hand-painted Italian wooden sleigh... I put a Lynn Haney Santa in there for now, and his bear stands nearby. Okay - if you were this Santa, would you be more concerned about getting kicked in the face by the horse in front of you, getting crapped on by the roosters behind you, or getting eaten by the red-eyed, "possessed" bear?

Karen Vander Logt's Merry Go Round Santa

In the center... Audrey Swarz Santa and four frolicking elves

And in the other corner... Audrey Swarz, Jeanette Priddy, Michelle Treichler, Jill Zaperach, Judith Klawitter
Wall hangings by Lindy Evans and Lynn Jilge
Carvings on window sill by Greg MacDonald

Gorgeous Hand-created Swarovski crystal ornaments by Marsha Clark

Handpainted gourds by local artist Cheryl Redding

9-foot tree... zillions of ornaments...

"Fluffy" (Maine Coon Cat) sleeping under the tree - she is actually softer than the furry tree skirt!

Hand-painted wreath holder by Lynn Jilge, Wreath by Holly Thompson
Carved wall cardinals by Gary Stevenson
Hand-painted Santa chair by Kathy Fledderjohan

On top of the kitchen cabinets... pieces by Sunnie Andress, Greg MacDonald, Spinning Wheel and Teri Embrey
Lynn Haney Santa on the refrigerator

Primitive Santas, Bears, Cats and Hearts by Linda Rene

Powder room decorations by Lisa Fronek, Teri Embrey, Mark Roberts, Annette Lux and Bill Evans
(These are decorations that NONE of our visitors will miss seeing!)

Adobe cat house decorated for Christmas!
Santas by Jill Zaperach, Jennell Poindexter, Lynn Jilge, Holly Thompson
Carvings by Teri Embrey and Greg MacDonald

Wall hanging by Lisa Rogers

Painted driftwood Santa by Lisa Rogers... wonderful hand-painted bins (matching trunks) that I found locally!

Entry Table - Santa by Michelle Treichler, wreath by Jacqueline Kent (greatly enhanced by Holly - cheap greenery replaced with silk English Ivy, additional elf on side by Maria Saracino), Lynn Haney Santa on donkey

Audrey Swarz (on window seat), Mark Dennis, Karen Vander Logt

Jill Zaperach Santa - he holds reins to a wooden rocking horse and an intricate burgundy hand-beaded ornament in one hand, and some fruit garland in the other... he's up on a little pedestal because the cats wanted to get inside his robe to sleep (a GREAT cat-napping place)!

Barbara Van Noy's Coca-Cola Santa

Barbara Van Noy's Gift Giver Santa

Santa by Karen Vander Logt, sitting on top of an antiqued trunk. This Santa has a sleigh and a wonderful toy bag, but I like to vary their locations from year to year, so this year he has abandoned his sleigh in favor of greeting people at the front door!

A Christmas Carol, by Mary Bauman (cats and cat food added by Holly)

Mark Dennis, "Young At Heart"

"Believe"... from left - Mary Bauman, Jill Zaperach, carvings by Greg MacDonald, Shopping cart elf by Holly Thompson, Santa/Elf on motorbike by Maria Saracino, Carvings by Teri Embrey (left, mid-piano), Ssshh Santa by Michelle Treichler, more carvings by Greg MacDonald... whew!

Ben's Santa, by Karen Vander Logt

Window seat... Santa by Holly Thompson, collection of hand-beaded ornaments...

Jill Zaperach, Jeanette Priddy, Karen Vander Logt... wonderful hand-painted trunk found locally...

Audrey Swarz - Santa with Elf, and Elf girl... Mark Dennis's Santa playing below!

Shelves full of goodies... carvings by Greg MacDonald, Bill Evans, Teri Embrey, and others... sculpted heads by Kim Thomas and an unknown artist... beaded ornaments by a number of artists... primitive black Santa on a spring (ugliest thing I have ever seen, so ugly it's adorable) with assorted other grungy things...

Carvings by Bill Evans and Les Ramsey

Glass case with all kinds of interesting things!

On the top shelf, a gorgeous Angela Drake red-haired fairy sits with a cardinal...

Loretta Weber's blonde fairy looks in amazement at a gorgeous Santa plate... a fairy by Ina Spicer dips sugar from a Holly-berry sugar bowl while others sleep...

Sleeping fairies... by Linda Smith (in blue, fell asleep playing with ribbons) and Ina Spicer (in red/white)

Jack Johnston's Santa and elf are yelling "Let us out!",
as a couple of fairies (by Karen Morley) wonder in amusement
why they don't just open the door (of course, men won't ask for directions)!

Gorgeous Teri Embrey Santas wait for dark... while a little fairy (Ina Spicer) sneaks a peek from the inside of the clock!

Another corner full of delights!
On top of the bookcase - Mark Dennis (camel) and Teri Embrey...
Below, many more artists: Karen Vander Logt, Julie Fisher, Audrey Swarz, Marguerite Taylor, Holly Thompson, Michelle Treichler and more!

Sandy Claws, by Mark Dennis.... Carvings by Teri Embrey

Bearly Awake, by Karen Vander Logt

Bear Santa, by Holly Thompson... Father Christmas, by Marguerite Taylor

Michelle Treicher's "Santa and Friends" (a few dozen more friends were added by Holly)

A wonderful vignette by Karen Vander Logt

Sandy from another angle...

Michelle Jewell Treichler, Jack Johnston (Teddy Bear Maker and Elf), Holly Thompson...

Family room shelf... carvings by Richard Keller, Greg MacDonald, Teri Embrey... Santa by Michelle Treichler, Russian Santa with reindeer, pewter Christmas pieces, gorgeous cardinal carving...

Bovano cardinals decorate the thermostat!

Hen House bear with lighted tree... wall shelves full of wonderful goodies... on top, a painted driftwood piece by Lisa Rogers... an entire shelf of Teri Embrey (Teri is ALL OVER my house!)... carving by Richard Keller, little kids by Linda Kertzman... gorgeous Starlight Santa by Jill Zaperach!

Family Room - Jill Cullimore Santa on table, Jill Zaperach, Hen House Santa, Michelle Treichler and Audrey Swarz to the left of the television... Kim Thomas Santa head hanging from shelf over the tree (next to a photo of my son)!

Flanking the television... Audrey Swarz and Holly Thompson Santas... on the floor is a Santa by Jeanette Priddy, and sitting on the shelf is an old elf by Michelle Treichler!

Hen House (4.5-foot) Santas

Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments
Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments
Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments Ornaments

Many wonderful ornaments... hand-beaded ornaments, Marsha Clark's Swarovski ornaments, family photos in Jay Strongwater frames, Faberge crystal ornaments, Jay Strongwater ornaments, cardinals, Coke collection, Patricia Breen ornaments, etc...

Audrey Swarz Santa, carving by Greg MacDonald, beaded tree by Holly... Jill Zaperach's Patriotic Santa

Karen Vander Logt "girls" - sledding... and another (taken from a different scene, Holly taking liberty again) in a "Goldilocks and Three Bears" scenario!

Holly's study - Michelle Treichler and Jill Zaperach... and notice Audrey's piece as a screen-saver!

Wreath (made by Holly), with Santa head created by Kim Thomas in the center!

Fairy in a box Fairy in a box Fairy in a box

Fairy (by Ina Spicer) caught playing with ornaments!

Bonnie Jones

Father Christmas, by Bonnie Jones!

Cats Cats

CATS! Some are real... others are fake...
Cats Cats Cats

Hen House Hen House Hen House

Hen House pieces... all have lights (except the cuddly bear) - these are adorable!
Hen House Hen House Hen House

Random photos...


Santa head collage (just a few of the Santas that I own)...