Thompson Christmas, 2002

Thompson Christmas, 2002

Front lights!

Back yard!

Entry, Living, Dining

Tree-top Santa

Russian Santa


Assorted Santas... one of Audrey's, one of Mary's, two of Holly's, one of Jill's...

Front window...

Starlight Santa... Apple of My Eye (under the tree)

Under the tree... Sisters, Friends


More Ornaments...

Santa and his cats...

Burgundy and Tally Ho-Ho-Ho

Hot checker game!

A couple of Holly's creations...

Stairs, Piano...

Santa Claus is coming!

Living room
9-foot Christmas tree... 3500+ lights, 400 ornaments, 26 strands of glass garland

Tally Ho-Ho-Ho... Ben's Santa and Fanta Santa

"Tradition of the Candle"... "Apple of My Eye"

Bernard and Fairy

Boston Santa... Elves... Starlight Santa

Some of Holly's Santa creations

Bearly Awake... Whimsies Santa... Audrey Swarz's creations

Santa, Fairy and Bernard, drinking wine and playing checkers

Santa Claus

Bernard teases Fairy

Formal dining room

Merry Go Round Christmas... Small tree with "Kara" decorating... Legend of the Candle and Chip a Few
Big Ass Stocking
"Santa stockings" made by Mary K, BIG stocking with afghan made by Gaylyn Miestchovich... Burgundy bears overlooking tree

Room with a View
Dining room with the addition of Santa and Bernard

A Christmas Carol
"A Christmas Carol", surrounded by cats - notice the can of Fancy Feast catfood on his table

"Treasures" and "Burgundy" (both created by Holly)

Ian sledding with Bears


Puff (cat), Christmas bear, Polar Bear with tree

Burgundy tree skirt with matching bears, "Sisters" and "Apple of My Eye"

"Harold" (wreath)... Stocking tree

Lynn Haney Santas

Entry hall

Tally Ho-Ho-Ho, Treasures... Bearly Awake... Bathroom Elves

Small tree in Family Room, with view of outside display... view from balcony

Star of the Night, Glad Tidings... Santas on Roosters (on antique Christmas box)

"Irish area" of our tree (thanks to Bill and Emma Quinn!)

Judith Klawitter's "White Santa"

Hen House Santa, Santa on Rooster, Elegant Santa (on table)

Hen House Santa, Santas on Roosters, Merry Go Round Santa, A Christmas Carol Santa, Duck village

Tree (unlit)

Two "generic" Santas - artists unknown

Gingerbread Santa, Victorian Santa, Boyd's Bear in Chair

"Whimsies" Santa ... Santa with Sore Feet

Cat snack, "Legend of the Candle"

Family room corner... Christmas tree details

Entry/stairs with silk Holly, Hen House Santa and Polar bear with tree

Entry and stairs with silk Holly

Display case: Patriotic ornaments, Bavarian pewter double-sided ornaments, Coke ornaments

Family room with small trees and "Tuna" the cat... Lynn Haney santas on Christmas ornament boxes

Family room: Star of the Night with "Spot" the cat (he's real)... brown Santa... Lynn Haney Santa on more ornament boxes

Entry hall... notice CAT TAIL beneath the red table cloth (that's "Puff")

Bernard and Santa (in dining room)... Burgundy and Treasures (Holly's creations)